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This page is showing just the latest comics and volumes unpacked on NEW COMIC DAY THURSDAY.   Contact us if an item is sold out - we may be able to source more copies if we get in quick!  To avoid future early sell outs please consider placing a preorder or standing order using either one of these methods:

Email Method: 1.Let us know the title(s) you want.. 2. Choose Hold In Store or Delivery. 3. If Delivery choose when you want them sent. That’s it! We’ll handle the rest and fine tune the order once we are under way. Contact us by reply or here to set a standing order up

MK1 Comic Club Method. Place orders via our PREORDER FORMS - Latest  forms are NOVEMBER 2019 and DECEMBER 2019 

While stocks last we are giving away a full set of seven Marvel Dawn of X cards with any X-MEN purchase (comic, variant, volume) - limit one set per customer. 

DAWN OF X! The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility... and things have never been better! This web collection will host all our Dawn of X single and variant comics starting with X-MEN #1.. 

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