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MK1's Amazing Spider-Man back issue selection.  Choose from the store selection in the text listing below or from the weblisted items pictured.  The MK1  store selection contain our back issues comics that we have not individually listed in the webstore.  You can request back issues from this selection via email , Messenger or from our CONTACT page and we will confirm availability and provide payment options.  Our back issues are priced at $4 each. HINT: If purchasing a webstore listed item at the same time - list your chosen store selectiion back issues in the checkout notes..

STORE SELECTION $4 each.  The store selection was last stock checked on the  12 Nov 2018 - you can request a new stockcheck via the contact options above.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2015 to current) #15 2nd Printing Mary Jane Iron Spider cover#28, #31, #32  

SPIDERMAN 2099SPIDERMAN 2099 (2015 to current)  #2, #9, #13 (CIVIL WAR II), #14 (CIVIL WAR II), #16 (CIVIL WAR II), #17

SILK  #10, #11, #16, #18


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